Kamran Kowsari

476 Farrish Cir. Apt. 1 Charlottesville, VA, USA   |  | (202) 812-3013


  • University of Virginia,   Charlottesville, VA, USA   

August 2016- May 2020


Dissertation: "Diagnosis and Analysis of Celiac Disease and Environmental Enteropathy on Biopsy Images using Deep Learning Approaches"

  • The George Washington University   Washington, District of Columbia, USA   

August 2012 – May 2014

Master of Engineering, Computer Science, Machine Learning

  • Azad University, Rodehen, Tehran, Iran     

September 2008- 2010

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering

  • University of Science & culture, Hamedan, Iran     

September 2006- 2008

Computer Science, Software Engineering


  • University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

                             Data Scientist 

Machine Learning

Office of health Informatics and Analytics (OHIA)

  • University of Virginia   Charlottesville, VA     August 2016 – present

Teaching Assistant“”

Machine Learning

Graduate Research Assistant (Machine Learning Lab)

  • The George Washington University   Washington, District of Columbia     August 2013 – May 2016

Lab Instructor & Teaching Assistant“”

Graduate Teaching Assistant of advanced software paradigms, Data Structures and Software Design and C Programming

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Step Company   Tehran, Iran                        April 2011 - July 2011

IT Lead/DBA“”

SQL Server 2005, Design and develop the Database of Step Company with cost of 28 percent less than the cost estimated

  • DayComputer Company   Tehran, Iran                     January 2008 - February 2011

Senior Software Developer/Project Manager “”

C#.Net and SQL Server, Rational Rose, Principle changes in design of the software “The previous version developed by Delphi” I designed the new system using C#.Net 2008, and SQL Server. Less than 70% of estimated Cost, so I promoted from software developer  to Project manager.

  • Pars System Company   Tehran, Iran                    January 2007 - February 2008

Software Developer/ Software Engineer“”

C#.Net and SQL Server, Design of interface user-friendly; thus, it due to increase customer product 9% during a year. Converting Delphi Code to for using new objects and classes.


  • Lua Programming
  • Torch 7
  • Database Management System
  • SQL SERVER 2012 & 2005
  • Oracle Database g11
  • DBA(Oracle SQL & SQL SERVER )
  • Strong knowledge of [Data analysis]
  • Strong knowledge of [Database]
  • knowledge of [Data Mining ]
  • Strong knowledge in Clustering
  • Golay Coding Techniques
  • [C# / C++ /JAVA] specialist
  • Delphi (6,7 and XE3)
  • RUP & UML
  • Computer Graphics
  • OpenGL
  • OpenNI
  • Advanced knowledge of C and C++
  • visual (2010, 2012 and 2013)
  • Net development
  • Strong research skills
  • MS Office Expert
  • JavaScript
  • Hardware Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Matlab
  • R
  • Python
  • Embedded system & Programming


  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA August 2016 - present

GMachine Learning

  • University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA August 2016 - present

Machine Learning 

  • The George Washington University Washington, District of Columbia2015- May 2016

Introduction to C Programming

  • The George Washington UniversityWashington, District of Columbia2013- 2014 (three semesters)

Data Structure with C programming

  • Technical Institute of Technology  Tehran2010 - 2011         

DBA, Microsoft SQL Server 2008

  • Faryab   Tehran2007 - 2010

Data Structure | OS | Microsoft tools (Data structure by C and C++, Windows, MS Office)




  • Kowsari, Kamran, Nima Bari, Roman Vichr, and Farhad A. Goodarzi.  ”FSL-BM: FuzzySupervised Learning with Binary Meta-Feature for Classification.” IEEE Future of Informationand Communication Conference (FICC 2018)
  • Alicia  L.  Nobles,  Jeffrey  J.  Glenn,  Kamran  Kowsari,  Bethany  A.  Teachman,  Laura  E.Barnes. Identification of Imminent Suicide Risk Among YoungAdults using Text Messages,Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (ACM CHI 2018)
  • M. Boukhechba, J. Gong, K. Kowsari, M. K. Ameko, K. Fua, P. I. Chow, Y. Huang, B.A. Teachman,  M. Gerber,  and L. E. Barnes.  Physiological Changes over the Course ofCognitive Bias Modification for Social Anxiety.  The IEEE Conference on Biomedical andHealth Informatics (BHI 2018).  March 2018,
  • K. Kowsari, D. E. Brown, M. Heidarysafa, K. Jafari Meimandi, , M. S. Gerber, and L. E. Barnes, “Hdltex: Hierarchical deep learning for text classification,” in Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), 2017 16th IEEE International Conference on. IEEE, 2017
  • Singh, Ritambhara, Arshdeep Sekhon, Kamran Kowsari, Jack Lanchantin, Beilun Wang, and Yanjun Qi. "GaKCo: a Fast GApped k-mer string Kernel using COunting." European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD 2017)
  • Manal Alassaf , Kamran Kowsari, James K. Hahn “Automatic, Real Time, Unsupervised Spatio-temporal 3D Object Detection Using RGB-D Cameras” International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization (CGIV) 2015
  • Nima Bari, Kamran Kowsari, Roman Vichr, Simon Berkovich  “Novel Metaknowledge-based Processing Technique for Multimedia Big Data clustering challenges” IEEE The IEEE International Conference on Multimedia Big Data 2015
  • Bari N, Vichr R, Kowsari K, Berkovich S “23-bit Metaknowledge Template Towards Big Data Knowledge Discovery and Management” IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics 2014,
  • M Yammahi, K Kowsari, C Shen, S Berkovich , "An efficient technique for searching very large files with fuzzy criteria using the Pigeonhole Principle" Computing for Geospatial Research and Application (COM. Geo), 2014 Fifth International Conference, 2014


  • Kamran Kowsari and Manal Alassaf “Weighted Unsupervised Learning for 3D Object Detection” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA), 7(1), 2016.
  • Kamran Kowsari, Nima Bari and Roman Vichr “A Real-Time Method of Binary Supervised Learning for Big Data Stream” (Under Review) 2016
  • Mercedeh Movassagh, Nawaf Alomran, Prakriti Mudvari, Merve Dede, Cem Dede, Kamran Kowsari, Paula Restrepo, Nathan Edwards, Anelia Horvath “RNA2DNAlign: Highly Specific Identification of Functional SNVs through Quantitative Alignment of RNA and DNA” (Nucleic Acids Research: Oxford Journals) 2016
  • Kamran Kowsari, Maryam Yammahi, Nima Bari, Roman Vichr, Faisal Alsaby and Simon Y. Berkovich, “Construction of FuzzyFind Dictionary using Golay Coding Transformation for Searching Applications” International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications(IJACSA), 6(3), 2015.
  • Mudvari P, Movassagh M, Kowsari K, Seyfi A, Kokkinaki M, Golestaneh N , Horvath A "SNPlice: Splice-modulating SNPs from RNA-sequencing data" , Journals of Bioinformatics Oxford, 2014
  • Prakriti Mudvari, Kamran Kowsari, Charles Cole, Raja Mazumder and Anelia Horvath "Extraction of Regulatory Features through Exome to Transcriptome Alignment" Journal of metabolomics and systems biology 2013.
  • Prakriti data Mudvari, Mercedeh Movassagh, Kamran Kowsari, Ali Seyfi, Maria Kokkinaki, Nady Golestaneh, Anelia Horvath "Identifying splice-modulating SNPs from RNA-sequencing data" Nucleic Acids Research 2013.


  • Kamran Kowsari “Investigation of FuzzyFind Searching with Golay Code Transformations” GWU  2014,(Master Thesis)
  • Kamran Kowsari “Control Hardware with Software without Microcontroller” IARIA 2010,(Bachelor Thesis)
  • Kamran Kowsari New Technology in Accounting System in University of Science and Culture Journal 2007, Hamedan, Iran, (AS Final Project)



  • F DCC systems administrator training
  • HHS information security for it administrators
  • Concepts in Games Development (GameDev)
  • Biomedical responsible conduct of research
  • Biomedical investigators
  • Security refresher
  • Information security awareness course
  • Privacy refresher
  • Privacy awareness course
  • Securing remote computers
  • HHS information security for executives
  • HHS information security for managers


  • Best Paper Award of ACM International Conference on Information System and Data Mining (ICISDM2018)
  • Best Paper Award of International Conference Computer Graphics, Imaging and Visualization (CGIV) IEEE
  • The Best Student of University of Science and Culture in 2007-8
  • Tuition Awards of The George Washington University (Fall 2013 and Spring 2014)
  • Tuition Awards of The George Washington University (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015)
  • Tuition Awards of The George Washington University (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016)
  • Tuition Awards of University of Virginia (3 years Fall 2016- Fall 2019)


  • Member of The world's largest professional association for the advancement of technology,Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
  • Member of Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
  • Member of The Science and Information organisation (SAI)
  • Researcher Member of McCormick Genomic and Proteomic Center Group (MGPC)

School of Medicine and Health Science at The George Washington University



  Tel: (202) 812-3013


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